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    Prepends a "Fwd:" when Forwarding SMS Messages
    Preware Status: Approved 4/5/10

    Patch updated to work with 1.4.0 - 1.4.1.x

    Mods: can the title be corrected to prepend, and not pretend?
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    Thanks xanthinealkaloid, I'll submit to preware in a few minutes..

    btw, great patches as well, I'm using a few myself!

    Thanks mamouton, let me know
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    Just installed will test in a minute
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    I can't get my message to forward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    I can't get my message to forward.
    At all? or is the "Fwd: " text just not appearing before the message?
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    My forward wasn't working at all I deleted the messaging patches i installed tonight from the forum and tested forwarding and it worked. I then applied your patch and it works now with the prepended fwd:

    Now in process of tracking down the rogue patch.
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    Good to hear! Submitted to preware.

    Now if only I can correct the title to say prepend and not pretend
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    Thanks Opacityzero, worked for me just fine. I never noticed how much i missed that cause i used to do it manually. Now only if their is a way to lock text so i don't delete them by accident lol
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    Patch is now in preware, however, it's not working for me when trying on a Pre and Pixi running

    Anyone else can try as well...not sure how to correct preware since the file submitted is the same one attached in this thread which work.
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    I am running as well, this patch installs, however, does not appear to do anything. I have noticed, with all patches released with version 1.4.1.X (with X being 3 or 4) the patches do not work. No error or issues, just do not work. Bummer, there has been a few new patches released recently that are pretty cool. I will update if I find anything that fixes for me..
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    Thanks sjsharksfan...interesting that others are effected too. I just tried again, and it works now. Tried on a Pixi as well and works.
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    hmm, I will try again, maybe just something wrong yesterday..
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    another humble request for resubmission for the 2.1 feeds. Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by djwhitey View Post
    another humble request for resubmission for the 2.1 feeds. Thanks!
    + for this.
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