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    I use my Pre in landscape a lot.

    It would be a nice feature if all of the visible icons rotated also, including the launcher icons and the quicklaunch icons. Think of the way the buttons on the screen in the camera app do it.

    Though it ain't that hard to tell what you're tapping, a right-side-up set of icons would be nice. That would give the appearance of turning the whole device over, and not just using it in a secondary landscape mode.

    Any thoughts?

    - BeckerXC
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    What you are wanting is to rotate the whole launcher/interface, which I doubt is easily possible. I suspect that's coded into Luna, which isn't open source and is a compiled binary. Who knows, though. Might be cool if it were possible.
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    Well, just for clarity, it isn't a rotation of the entire page, actually. I'm thinking more of just having each icon rotate about it's center axis. Again, more like the camera app, where the buttons maintain their positions on the page, but rotate orientation in-place... As opposed to the email app, for ex., where the 'whole app' rotates.

    just making sure we're on the same (properly oriented) page!


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