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    I'd sure like to see a Patch for the phone screen that added another choice between regular and speakerphone. Specifically to address the problem talked about in the following thread:

    The thread goes on and on about our frustration with the removal of the "phone thru car aux audio" function that was present prior to Web OS 1.3.1

    Post #81 by Thibaud offers what sounds like a solution part of which is below:

    The "funny" thing is Pre apparently has 3 audio modes (as suggested by The Ghastly Headset, verified under 1.3.1):
    1. Speaker
    2. Headset (without a MIC)
    3. Headset with a MIC (like the PALM earbuds delivered with the Pre, MIC embedded)
    so it clearly is able to detect whether the cable plugged into the headset plug provides a MIC or not. Still it will not get the voice from the MIC in the phone if in "headset-without-a-MIC" mode (your issue with a plug into the stereo through auxiliary input)...

    A Patch for this feature would be great because currently the only way to activate the mic is to do a phone reset (which takes forever) while the auxillary cable is plugged in.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I second that request. But I fear until API's for the mic are available, this won't happen.
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    +1. I'll check that other thread about this too just in case it's been Patched.
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