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    I have had this patch on my phone for several updates, know it became inoperable, so removed from phone.

    I have now downloaded it since it was ported for 1.4 but it doesn't function on my phone. During the porting, was there a change or something else I need to do?

    P.S. At one time, my messages and email would open upside down, that is when I deleted this, don't know if this patch was the culprit, but since both used accelemeter, wondered, and have had no problem since then.

    Loved these patches and so much easier to use phone with vk.

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    remove all patches with emergency installer patch,then add those to patches on first.
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    I have removed, rebooted, no change, upgraded to 1.4.1, same, it still opens upside.

    Does anyone have these working, loved seeing without glasses even after adjusting to typing sideways.
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    just asking what may be the obvious but have you turned the phone around so it is not upside down? My landscaping works flawlessly.
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    mine is still a placeholder since the webos update.
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    I installed the keytoss gloabal oreintation one. I am on my pre or else I would post the link and screenshots. But it works.
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    thanks, mamouton. works great! I always see you on here helping out with advice. I really appreciate all of the posts and assistance you give the community.
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    Thank you for the links, I have never seen or heard of these, and I read patches for useful apps.
    I downloaded, phone shows patches, but will not open.
    Do I need the original "Enable . . ." patches" or just the KeyRing ones.
    I have enabled the "Enable . ." because for some reason, the whole screen turns upside down, it seems like they conflicted with normal portrait operation.
    I don't have a lot of things on phone, a few minor roots, patches, and not a lot of apps, but everyone once in awhile things go beserk, messaging, email, pics, and web open upside down. Took it to store to check, they went beserk because I had hacked the phone. Don't really want to doctor, not having landscape is worth not spending hours doctoring phone, reloading, and possibly getting same results.

    P.S. Flip the phone every which way, same results until I delete the "Enable" patches.

    P.S.S. Wont check any response until tomorrow, heading out the door to Final Four in Indy to route for Butler Bulldogs!!!! Go Dawgs.
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    the orginal landscape ones have not been updated yet. The Keytoss version works great. I would make sure your original landscape enable is removed and see if your problem goes away if so then install the KeyToss version.

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