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    When you try to go to a specific date in calendar, it brings up a picker where you get a scrollable list to pick the date. I have some problems with this. If I want to go to this Saturday, I don't know the particular date that Saturday is so I can't select that date. I just have to swipe to Saturday or guess (and keep guessing if fail) the number for Saturday.

    What I'm looking for is some way to add day names to the picker or a picker like on many online ones (and Palm OS devices) that when you select the picker, a little calendar comes up that you can scroll through to select a particular date. If not that dramatic, at least add the day names to the day number lister.

    Is there any way to do this? I can't seem to find any app or patch that does this. I'm assuming since the calendar is just a web page there would be some way to edit it to embed a calendar picker like on other web pages. Is this possible?

    I originally posted this in the general Pre forum, then found this patch forum. Sorry for the double post but figured it be more appropriate here - and wasn't getting any response in the general forum anyway.

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    I'm curious...Assuming you mean you're starting from the day view, it seems to me the easiest way to navigate as you're requesting would be to tap the month view icon at the bottom...In this view, you'd be able to pick the specific day you need in same amount of taps as the date picker.

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    That only realistically works if the date I want is relatively near. But if I want, say, the 2nd Thursday in December, it's a bit tedious to do that way. It would be easier to do with a fully functional date picker. Like I said, one with the days of the week added to the day number picker.


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