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    I searched for a long time before posting this. Can't believe it hasn't come up so I assume I just couldn't find it.

    Can we disconnect the ringer volume from the call volume like my Treo and CEntro did?

    This is impacting my business use of my pre. I turn down the volume during a call because my headset gets pretty loud. And that turns down the ringer and I miss the next few calls until I get an email or text from telling me I missed a call.

    The centro was smart enough to only change the volume of the application you were in when you adjusted it.

    Can this be fixed on my Vz Pre Plus?

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    I've done a fair bit of searching and this seems to be a very common requirement, it certainly is for me. If I set my ringer volume to maximum in "sounds & notifications" that's where I want it to stay, not to be reduced if I turn down the volume during a call.

    Can anyone help ?
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    Seems pretty basic. Perhaps I was spoiled by the Treo too.
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    That would be great.
    By the way is there a method to change the SMS volume alone or the volume is under system volume?

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