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    I always hate to pull up the keypad when I am calling a 1800 number, my voicemail. etc. It would be nice to have just the keypad showing at all times.
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    I guess no one has this issue?
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    I'd use this....

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    but won't your battery run down.the main thing is when you take the phone away from your face the proximity sensors are pretty sensitive so you need to keep your hands from the upper screen.if you create a patch like this it would however need to have a toggle ON/OFF switch so that you could use it only for calls that need it and are relatively short.Most phones switch off their screen whether touchscreen or not to conserve battery life
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    I think the OP meant to show the keypad instead of the person's picture when on the phone. That way, if you pull the phone from your face, it would show the numbers and you could press them without first having to tap the keypad icon.

    I would love this patch and have always felt it was missing.

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