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    Hide the Sprint App in the Launcher.

    Would be nice to see this in Preware.

    I am currently using "Hide Amazon MP3 App" and "Hide Nascar App" patches from Preware.
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    Last time i looked there is no appinfo.json file for that app & so we can't hide it like the others. I've tried adding one to the application, still with no effect. You could always backup the app & then delete it if you really want to get rid of it.

    Anyone know if it was edited with one of the past 2 updates? I haven't checked it since 1.3.1 was out.
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    Oh. That explains why there is no patch available. Thanks, Veritas06.
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    I'm also for the option of deleting/hiding the application.
    It can't do any harm by removing it, as it's simply a web link.
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    I think there should an app called "Hide Carrier Apps" which is nothing more than a bunch of hide toggles. Actually this idea may warrant it's own thread.
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    is there a way to delete the carrier apps? - nascar, sprint app, etc...
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    Many of the carrier apps can be hidden with patches, it's just the Sprint webapp that cannot be hidden, it will have to be deleted.

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