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    Would it be possible to write a patch that runs a luna restart after the phone has on been the charger 4 hours? This may cut down on some of the randomly necessary restarts required throughout the day.

    It would be really cool if it was also plugged into the gps so that if you're charging on a road trip it won't run the restart.

    Thanks for the consideration.
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    I'm pretty sure the homebrew app Preset Reset does that exactly. You can schedule luna restarts or soft resets if I'm not mistaken.
    I am, therefore I think
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    An option is available in preware to rescan or restart luna. Just tap on the menu, luna manager and you good to go.
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    He's looking for something that does it automatically.

    Preset Reset or Reboot Scheduler and lastly Xorg Tools!

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    cooooool. Thanks

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