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    Well here is a very simple patch that just slightly modifies the taglines you see in Preware. Not very functional or important, just something different. Pretty basic now but it will be updated.

    When I make an update I will post the new .patch below and also note the date in this post.

    (I considered submitting this to Preware, but I'm not sure if there would be enough interest for me to do so)

    Taking suggestions for more taglines that you'd like to see in the next update.
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    Everytime Preware gets update will we have to reapply the patch?
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    An update to Preware should not overwrite the patch
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    No I mean Preware. I just tried to install it and it didn't change anything
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    The tagline changes every time you update feeds. Like if you update them manually you will see a new tagline. I've only added a few and changed the weighting for now.
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    I'm looking for some tagline suggestions to incorporate into the updated patch that should be released today (I know there are some creative people on this forum)

    After the patch is updated it will also be submitted to Preware. Thanks.

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