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    not really sure where to post this. whether here or just webos development. but anyway i was wondering if it possible to make a sms popup like the one shown in the attached image. when this feature is enabled the notification on the bottom would not happen. it does not have to be styled like the iphone but just the idea i think would be sweet. anyone?
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    or maybe instead of having a popup.. and text entry field with small send button pops up with the default notification. like right underneath it. so you dont even have to touch it to open the app. you just start typing. if you have mulitple.. you just reply to one and it goes away and moves to the next notification
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    That would be great!
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    This is funny because the whole point of webOS notifications (and one of webOS's strongest attributes) is that notifications are nothing like the ones found on the iPhone.
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    Maybe they need a global setting: "make my phone work like an iphone" that would disable multitasking and turn on obtrusive notifications.


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    HAHA! My issue is how long it takes to open the messenger once I get the notification. All I need to do is type "K" but it feels like it takes a lot longer than it should...
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    If you want to improve performance, go look in the thread about the 800MHz kernel install. thorne
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    anyone know of any development on something like this or anything already out there that resembles this. I am leaning towards getting a pixi, but not getting at least some type of popup messaging app to read a text is a deal breaker for me unfortunately.
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    ....the whole point with webOS notification system is that they are not obtrusive like the iPhone. You will not see anything like this coming from Palm/HP in the near future.
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    he doesn't really want the obtrusive notificaion but in the notification tray having an entry field to quickly send a message without opening the messaging app. I think it would be cool.
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