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    OK no disrespect to the religious crowd, however is there any way to basically make the App catalog more accurate in the Popular tab, because it is flooded with assorted bibles, Jesus games etc that all have 5 stars yet have nowhere near the total downloads which for people like myself who have 0 interest in all things religion get stuck scrolling and scrolling because the Jesus crowd REALLY likes him so he gets 5 stars no matter what, yet the apps have way less downloads total which in effect makes the star rating totally ineffective until you get past all the religious apps. I know we can hide vendors like Brighthouse spammers but the religion apps come from everywhere.
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    +1... I think it's Palm who need to fix this.. Devs rate they own apps and give it 5 stars and they in the popular list.. It sucks because it full with junk.
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    This thread has a very similar complaint:

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    Instead, what would be nice, as some have suggested, is for them to give us a filter list so we could hide particular genres of apps (political, adult content, etc) and perhaps individual apps themselves. That'd be a simple feature to add to the App Catalog and leave it entirely up to the consumer to decide which content he gets to see for himself.

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