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    just what i was looking for thx
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2sslow View Post
    1) no totaly different

    2 yes the same scrims folder is used for all of my scrim patches, I am the only one who uses that folder.

    Also the only reason that would happen is if the file was misspelled or has the wrong extension (.png)
    A second reset seemed to do the trick. Thanks!

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    is there a way i can turn the text for the messaging app white? the patch doesnt work anymore
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    The one in my multi-scrim does.
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    Works great!

    Been trying to find a no fuss way of creating a black screen dialer with a black call history and log.

    I did this with this patch, webOS Quick Install tweak to the dialer backgound, and no issues with SqyArc's Glas Effect Suite Theme available through the prethemer feed in Preware.

    I love it!

    Phone 3.png
    Phone 2.PNG
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