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    I have a Pre through Verizon. Recently updated to the webOS 1.4. I was looking through the patches and saw the Powersave smartreflex 500MHz. Is this completely safe for me to run with my phone being through Verizon and WebOS 1.4? Thanks
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    No, it's not completely safe. That's why it's in the do not use section of Preware. Having said that, I use it and like it. I don't think too many people have had trouble with the 500 patch. Some say it does nothing, others think it's wonderful. I personally think it does save battery life. It's not 100% safe, but what is? The 600 patch is much riskier in my book.
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    anything under 600 is fairly safe if done right. The pre's cpu is made to go up to 600, but theres always "some" risks involved. THe 720mhz one is alot riskier cause your bringing the cpu the a faster speed then it was originally intended.
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    Alright i wasn't sure with me being on Verizon if that affected anything. Wasn't sure if you guys were to or not. Thanks
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    Does setting the cpu speed from 250 to 500 stop the cpu from going to 600 while playing 3d games?

    Does this patch help battery life a lot?
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    I too am on pre plus/1.4. I have this patch and been running for 2 weeks. I have definitely noticed battery life gains. Don't use my phone too much throughout the day because i'm at work. After 9 hours:

    Before the patch: I would be at 40% or less.
    After the patch: I was at 77%! I can go all day without charging.

    I may uninstall soon because I am really excited about the new work that caj and others are doing. If you are looking for battery life, then I def suggest this to you. It works for me.
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    I don't see smartreflex in preware anymore. Is it still available or will I have to hack together something myself to do it?

    This patch did more for battery life on my pre than anything else and never seemed to get in the way of usability for me (unlike scaling, which has never seemed to work right on my phone). I removed it to see how scaling would behave now (haven't tried with the 800mHz kernel) and it was still causing problems.

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