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    OK so I've been having some problems with my earpiece on my launch model Sprint Pre for the last couple of weeks. I took it to the store this past Friday to get checked out and they told me they couldn't fix it and were ordering me a new one and I'd come in on like monday or tuesday. So I figured this weekend would be a great time to dabble in adding patches.

    I started with the "4x4" and the "add new pages" patches. all worked perfectly. So yesterday they call and tell me that the new phone is in. I decided to run the EPR to get rid of the patches. when I did, the 4x4 went away but the new pages that I had added were still there. No biggie because I'm turning the old phone in a day or two anyway. I also did the new data erase that came along with 1.4 update so all of the pictures of my kids were gone when I turned in the old phone..

    Anyway when I get the new phone (which I'm sure was a refurb) It automatically starts downloading the data from my Palm Profile. When it's finally finished, I noticed that there were 6 launcher pages instead of the normal 3. Did the "add new pages" patch transfer into my Palm Profile and then back down into my new phone?! I hadn't even installed Preware yet on the new one and the extra pages were already there.
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    mine does that to, i've added an extra page and whenever i doctor it downloads all the apps exactly where i left them on all the pages. I think you have to re add the patch to delete the extra patches but i've left mine because it doesn't seem like a problem. The other patch that i've seen like that was the LED notification patch which didn't remove after a doctor. You had to turn off the patch first to get it to remove.
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    No. If you'll notice, the options to add or delete new pages is not present in the Launcher's menu.

    What did get stored in your Palm profile, and then downloaded to your new phone, was the preference setting for how many pages you had and what icons were on which.
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    From what I understand (which is admittedly not very much, I'm not a developer), the code for the add/remove launcher pages actually exists in WebOS already, the patch just activates it for the end user. So when your system settings (like app icon positions in the launcher) get backed up to your Palm Profile, the number of pages you had and the app icon positions on those pages gets saved as well. The patch only affects whether the menu items to add and delete the launcher pages are visible, which is why a new install of WebOS wouldn't show them.

    If I'm way off on this, can someone please correct me.

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