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    Sorry for my english.
    Is any information about how patch patches to localize and adapt it to a spanish GSM Pre?
    I try some patches and some work and others don't work. I read in the forum various post about adaptations to German GSM Pre or Italian GSM Pre.
    Is any general process to adapt and install modified patches?

    Thanks in advance for your work in this wonderfull patches
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    I am using an unlocked Spanish GSM Pre in Australia and have not had any problems with any patches that I have tried.
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    But I figure that you select English in the first use of your Pre.
    The patches that work in my Spanish Pre are the patches without text, like battery percent and 4x4 icons in launcher, for example.
    Patches involving text, like any of "Device Menu ..." don't work. If I apply it, appears in the device menu a hole for each new element of the patch but if I press any hole occurs nothing.
    May it is involved the languaje selection of the Pre.
    Thanks for you reply.
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    rather easily.
    download the .patch file and examine it
    with an app like notepad++ you can see what files it changes and where.
    if it changes any .html file, it only does so for english.
    the spanish files are in /usr/lib/luna/system/luna-systemui/resources/es_es

    get the file you need from webOS doctor, change it and push it to your device and you're done.
    or, if you don't know what to do, copy the file he changes to the correspoding es_es subdirectory on your pre. that makes the file you change to be in English, but it works. did that for my german pre and the devicemenu and poweroff alert
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    Thank you. I will try now.
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    Good suggestion kanzlr. I had to make a similar change in the smilies patch from en_us to en_gb. It is really quite simple. Just edit the references to the language name in the language filenames in the patch and load into the phone with WebOS Quick Install. That is only true if the files are the same in both language directories as it was with the smilies.

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