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    my pre messed up when I tried to post it, so I don't see the first post

    but I was saying that I finally found the patches to add different kinds of accounts to the msnger app, so I added msn and facebook. But now I have a couple people who appear up to 4 times as online contacts on different accounts, even tho those accounts are linked in the contacts app.

    it would be cool to have a patch that hides all but one account when the person is on multiple accounts.
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    I agree with this, whether a patch or a fix from palm. Its stupid to see the same person listed multiple times really.... Just see them once, select them, then use the little dropdown option to select text, gtalk, yahoo, etc.....

    Much cleaner....
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    also, i dont think that this second patch idea would be easy, but it would be cool if my messaging status got pushed to all my accounts on it, +twitter etc.

    one app to rule them all

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