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    Whenever I try to start my preware app, it comes up with the message "Failure during 'update' operation ipkg: Invalid gzip magic" and when it tries to download available patches and themes, it comes up with the message "Failure during getfilelist operation" and then preware opens with the themes and patches buttons grayed out. I just downloaded this, so I'm very new to it. Please help!
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    I had this aswell, refreshed feeds from preware menu. This happened a few times but seems to have gone away now.

    Select update feeds from dropdown menu.
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    Hopefully it will just go away for me too... I hyped this up way too much to have it mess up. Haha
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    Can you still get the feeds after updating ?
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    I got it to but it started working shortly afterwards.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Whenever I try to update feeds, it does the exact same thing..
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    just ran into this problem for the first time today... hope it's something on the "server" side as opposed to my phone... any updates/fixes of this "invalid gzip magic" issue?
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    just found a solution-- at panera on their wireless (but haven't signed on through web browser) and turned off wireless and was able to update preware no prob through sprint's 3g connection... I guess it meant that I didn't have a data signal since I was on a wireless signal but hadn't signed on to panera's network yet

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