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    Could someone find a way to remove the bluetooth entry from the device menu? I tried for a hour on the corresponding file, but everytime I commented out the values it would bork the phone.

    I don't use bluetooth so it would save space and make the menu load faster.
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    There are two files you have to work with
    /usr/lib/luna/system/luna-systemui/app/controllers/devicemenu-assistant.jsjsjs $and$ /$usr$/$lib$/$luna$/$system$/$luna$-$systemui$/$app$/$views$/$devicemenu$/$devicemenu$-$scene$.$html$

    If you remove the references to bluetooth it should work. I wanted airplane mode in the device menu megamix Jason created so I played with it until it worked right. On my way to church now will check in later to see if you still need help with it. Jason would probably be a good start though.
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    That's where I worked. I could get everything else to disappear but bluetooth. I'll try again.
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    I'd be up for this too
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    abyssul---it sounds like just editing 2 files. let me know if you had success.

    there are a lot of references to bluetooth in that file. Wow.
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    any luck with this? Abyssul?
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    been playing with this for an hour now, no dice. I removed references to BT on both files, but it screws up the phone's behavior. So it's not that simple.
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    If I helped you or you have downloaded one of my files,
    then least you could do is click the "Thanks" button.
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    Aren't you able to just hide the bt item?

    <div class="palm-row" id="dm_bluetooth" x-mojo-tap-highlight='momentary'><div class="palm-row-wrapper">

    goes to

    <div class="palm-row" id="dm_bluetooth" x-mojo-tap-highlight='momentary' style="display:none;"><div class="palm-row-wrapper">

    Just a guess, haven't tried it yet.
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    It worked!!!! Sweet mother pearl!!!

    Edit the /usr/lib/luna/system/luna-systemui/app/views/devicemenu/devicemenu-scene.html file, just like Metaview stated above.

    thanks a lot man.
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    Sweet idea! I'm gonna give MetaView's method a whirl...

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