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    So, one of the greatest things about Gmail - the fact that emails are threaded - was not brought over on the Pre. For shame!

    Is anyone interested in making a patch so that emails are threaded in Gmail on the Pre just like they are on the web? I'm talking about when you access your Gmail email through the email app, not by going on the Gmail website.
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    Might also want to tell Palm about this one:
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    Great idea. I just payed attention to that recently and it really sucks!
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    this is such a big change, I doubt it is feasible to do it in form of a patch. An alternate email app/gui for the current app would be more suitable for this task.
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    i already mentioned this thought in a patch request thread i started...

    but i just don't see Google letting anyone get access to the Gmail API that would allow for threading. it's a feature unique to Android phones and that's probably the way they want to keep it. all the more reason to have an easier way to access the gmail mobile sight in the browser, and bypass the Pre client altogether.

    just my $.02
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    It's not unique to Android, the Gmail app for Blackberries is threaded. Worked great, one of the only things I liked about the BB.
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    actually, that's a good point. what i meant was that there's no threading in the native email client.. though i guess that the gmail app in Android isn't the native app. so, point taken.

    but i guess my overarching point would be that Google isn't going to let anyone create a 3rd party app that does threading. they'd have to make it themselves. question is...will they?
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    Palm won't do it to their native app, and there's no way to make a patch for it.

    We're at the mercy of Google (and Palm, to allow Google to make their own Gmail app).

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