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    Hey gurus

    Would anyone be interested in making a patch that would allow the pause/skip features work with Pandora and Slacker from the headset button.

    This works with Dr. Podder but some time ago it was broken in Pandora and has never worked in Slacker. This is a very useful feature and obviously there is a call discrepancy.


    Thanks in advance.
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    I agree. I would really like this to become a reality. If you can use the headset button to pause/skip tracks in the music player app, I do not see why this code won't work with Pandora. Please someone, help us Pandora app users out! :-D
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    More or less, yes. The vibrate would be icing on the cake, but I think what we're asking for is to bring back the core functionality of headset-button track-advance. The current version of webOS and the Pandora application omit this feature, even though it was present in webOS 1.2 and in Pandora 1.0. Somewhere along the road the feature was stripped; member "jhoff" re-inserted the function sometime around webOS 1.3.5, but I do not believe any work has been done since 1.4+ rolled out.

    If anyone out there - jhoff *wink* - can fix our beloved Pandora app we would be most appreciative. As a Top Homebrew supporter I really appreciate what you guys (and gals) do.
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    Couldn't track down the original thread but I am missing the 'Advance Track Vibrate Patch' for Pandora.
    1.4.5 broke the version I have, hope to see this available soon.. .
    Everybody wants some!..

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