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    someone please make a patch where it hides the launcher app in the quick and can be replaced by an app of your choice. That would be just awesome
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    I agree, not sure why there needs to be an icon when an up gesture swipe will bring up the launcher, seems like a waste of at least 1/5th of the wave launcher
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    dont think it can be done though unless 1.4 changed things. it appears to be hard-coded in so cant be changed
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    I don't know if 2.1 allows this, but it was one of the first tweaks I thought to look up after my Pre 2 arrived. Maybe HP needs to address it in the OS?
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    This would be such an awesome patch but I don't think its possible on 1.4.x or 2.x or else it wouldve been done a looong time ago.

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    I would love this!!!
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    What I would love is a patch to hide just type. It does nothing for me because I never tap on it. I "just type". So instead of just type, I'd rather have the larger cards back.

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