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    Removes the nonsense text that flashes during scene transitions.

    This is the text I'm talking about:

    It's actually developer-related text that is generally supposed to be removed.

    It's one of the changes developers were notified of for 1.4. Basically devs just need to deleted that text from the index.html file to avoid the issue of the text appearing during scene transitions. It's part of palm's new scene loading system and overall seems faster than before, imho.
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    is this not in preware yet?

    edit: just installed and it's working great. thanks! it was annoying seeing that message flash.
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    Hmmm I've never seen this. Does it happen to all apps when loading or just 3rd party apps?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChemEngr View Post
    Hmmm I've never seen this. Does it happen to all apps when loading or just 3rd party apps?
    Has been happening with the Engadget app. Sometimes I see it with Friendsbook since 1.4 was installed on my Pre but it's random with Friendsbook.
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    Make one for internalz it does the same thing please!!! Its so annoying someone needs to get in touch with the dev
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    Thanks a lot, works fine

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