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    I've attached some screen shots so you can see what I'm referring to, I personally think it looks pretty slick.

    Since updating to 1.4 I have noticed an occasional "bug" with the lock screen. Upon resetting the phone the "bug" goes away and the lock screen goes back to normal. Kind of a bummer because I actually like it.

    I'd like to see an option to make this permanent or possibly be able to turn it on/off with a patch.

    Anyone else like this idea?
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    Is there a way to remove or edit the poll? Or maybe change the question to "What do you think about the 'New' lock screen?"
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    I should mention that it's not a 1.4.0 bug, but Package manager service/Preware is causing the issue.

    I'm not really digging this tbh, i think the original lock screen but with faded current application view (instead of wallpaper) would be better suited
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    I like the clock idea. WebOS should make it a lock preference to choose a clock to display. Better yet, let us choose any arbitrary app to run as that lock screen.
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    I was literally coming into this forum to see if there was some sort of "patch request" thread to request this exact same thing.

    I use Slacker and/or Pandora quite often and it actually was very handy being able to see what song was playing or what song was coming next without having to unlock the screen every time I wanted to see it.

    However I also use my Pre as an alarm clock on a touchstone at night so having the normal clock on the lock screen is very handy also.

    So a toggle between the two types of modes to me would be very useful.

    "clock mode" or "dim screen, visually live, but locked to the touch"
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    yeah I could see how this could be handy in some apps. Maybe if an app is not minimized then it shows the app, but if it's in card view it just shows the background.
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    it bugs me too. Good to know its something unintended. I dont want what im doing showing up on the lock. I think we need an app with toggles for lock screen. Maybe using internalz api? to be able to select images right on the pre, a toggle for transparent and a toggle for a clock? mjkjr: GET TO WORK ON IT!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow-360 View Post
    I should mention that it's not a 1.4.0 bug, but Package manager service/Preware is causing the issue
    It is a 1.4.0 bug, as stated in:

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