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    I dont even know if its possible, but if somebody can make a patch to turn off the Pixi's Sidetone I will gladly pay you $50.

    Here's why I hate sidetone.

    1. It didnt exist in 1.2.9

    2. 1.3.x had it ONLY on outgoing calls, and there were workarounds to get rid of it.

    3. WebOS 1.4 it is now 100%

    I get what sidetone is for, but for me its annoying and drowns out a caller with your own background noise. My 650, 700, or 755p did not have it. Ive used those phones since 2005 so Im pretty used to not hearing myself talk through my own earpiece.

    If this is helpful, when you turn on HAC (hearing aid compatibility), the sidetone is turned off.
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