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    My Pre was sitting on the table beside me, and since it had been there a while, the screen had turned off. I heard the text message notification, looked over, and quickly read the beginning of the text. The truth is, though, that I was hurrying and trying to read it quickly because I knew the screen would darken again in about two seconds, which it did.

    I'd like to see a patch to extend the "awake" time of the screen when notifications are received and the phone is asleep. Maybe like five seconds instead of 2-3.
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    I was just about to bring up this same thing... good thing I searched first, eh?

    Anyway... same as above. I get a text message... phone does its thing and wakes up the screen... I grab the phone and am just about to swipe unlock so I can open the message and the phone goes back into standby. So now I've got to hit the power button to wake the phone back up and THEN swipe unlock so I can open the message.

    I'd love a patch that gave different options, as I'm pretty sure the default setting is around 2 seconds. Maybe add the option for 5 or 10 seconds as well?

    Pixi Plus, if it makes a difference...
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    this would be an awesome patch!
    *Patchers STILL make this phone Perfect!
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