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    It seems with FW 1.4 has stripped PDFViewer's Pinch to Zoom. An all-in-one patch with let's say pinch to zoom, landscape support and the ability to zoom in further would be the dream.
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    Holy Crap! I just tested it. How did they manage to screw that up?

    Pinch to zoom was always a bit wonky in PDF View, but at least it worked.

    Tapping to zoom around makes that app almost unusable.
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    Aha, someone else suffering from this. I carry more than 100 PDF documents on my PRE - until 1.4 it was a wonderful portable repository of important documentation for me. I had PDF redux installed and always used pinch-to-zoom... and now its gone. This has decreased the usefulness of my PRE by about, say, one third. Please fix ! I promise to answer any astrophysics questions in return ;-)
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    So I'm not the only one. Good to know, I got very embarrassed last night with a client because of this.

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