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    after the update to 1.4, I can't reinstall the "enable landscape PDF"-patch. I get an install error in PreWare and in QuickInstall.

    PreWare is saying something about "offline root mode: not running org.webosinternals.patches.pdf-viewer-enable-landscape-pdf-viewer.postinst

    Any suggestions?

    Greetings, Jost
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    i guess we just have to wait.
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    It appears that the PDF View was updated to 1.4 which is why this and PDF Redux are broken. We'll just have to wait for the authors to update them.

    EDIT: The file document-assistant.jsjsjs $has$ $changed$ $in$ $the$ $new$ $version$ $so$ $the$ $line$ $numbers$ $differ$ $for$ $the$ $diff$/$patch$ $file$. $As$ $far$ $as$ $I$ $can$ $tell$, $the$ $changes$ $will$ $still$ $work$ $it$ $is$ $just$ $that$ $the$ $patch$ $author$ $needs$ $to$ $edit$ $the$ $new$ $document$-$assistant$.$js$ $with$ $the$ $patches$ $and$ $run$ $diff$ $on$ $it$. $I$ $hacked$ $it$ $by$ $hand$ $and$ $it$ $seems$ $to$ $work$, $but$ $I$ $don$'$t$ $know$ $how$ $to$ $package$ $it$ $and$ $submit$ $it$ $to$ $WebOS$ $Internals$.
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