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    Installed the patch then restarted phone but the music player is still there, did a search couldnt find anything. Any ideas?
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    Confirmed. Installed patched too, icon still there. GSM Pre on O2 Germany. I would´ve uninstall the patch now but preware is overloaded with requests at the moment, so gotta wait on this one
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    I installed the music remix and would now like to remove the normal music app..

    Im new to patches so as of yet I have not writen my own patch, I understand that patches via preware or WebOS QI is the prefered method,, but from looking at a lot of these forums, guys in europe seem to be having more issues with patches than our friends acrross the pond. I recently had a look at a patch for smiley faces that would not install on my fone, after looking at the patch details i noticed that it was referencng USA direcotires
    The patch would be directing to a directory that is not used on our fones in europe, as it is language or version related

    Anyways long shot of it is I have the fix for it but its not in patch form.. so anyone want to have a go is welcome .. my next mission it to have a go at writing a patch.. in the meantime maybe the original writer of the patch could release a version that is either dynamic or for each country

    here is what i did to get mine hidden

    NOTE - lines in bold black can be copied and pasted in except the ones that refer to your own specific country. if you need help then you can message me with your country locations and i can update the line for you.

    root the palm and from command line then re mount the drive to give write premissions - type in

    mount -o remount,rw /

    cd /usr/palm/applications/

    then list the direcory

    ls -lt

    in there you will see more directories some are linked as they have en_ie -> en-gb

    choose the language you set your fone up in .. for me as i am in Ireland mine was en_ie which linked me into the file en_gb

    cd en_gb

    then list the files in the direcotory ls should give a file called


    back this file up with command

    cp appinfo.json appinfo.json.old

    then edit the file with VI

    vi appinfo.json

    when you get into the file just pres 'a' to enter into edit mode press space bar then type in the following below including the quotation marks

    "visible": "false"

    save your file by pressing escape 'esc' and then 'shift + colon' key your cursor should the be at the bottom of the page

    type the letters w and q and then press enter to write and save the file

    then restart your phone..

    the music app should now be gone ..

    here is what my file looked like after insterting the line

    "visible": "false"

    "icon": "../../icon.png",

    "id": "",

    "keywords": [

    "main": "../../index.html",

    "miniicon": "../../images/notification-small-music.png",

    "splashBackground": "../../images/splash-screenshot-default.png",

    "splashicon": "../../icon-256x256.png",
    "title": "Music",

    "type": "web",
    "vendor": "Palm, Inc.",
    "version": "1.0.0"


    As i said before I have never written a patch so this is just to help those who are happy with comand line on their pre. i will have a go during the week to write a patch and test it ,,

    If in the mean time anyone is not happy with using VI and saving files or backing them up send me your location and set up language of the fone - and i can send you the file already updated and with instructions on how to copy it directly form you USB drive to the required directory.
    and to be honest is way easier than i have described above.

    Hope this helps


    PS sorry this is long winded just trying to get as much detail in as poss to help all

    PS : the music remix patch ROCKS

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    If the Hide Music Player patch only works on US Phones it really should be renamed: Hide Music Player Patch (US) or something. I'd really appreciate if someone could write a European/Country specific version(s) of the patch.
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    I'd really appreciate if someone could write a European/Country specific version(s) of the patch.
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    Which carrier are you on? I thought the file systems are the same across all carriers, but perhaps not. If you let me know the carrier i'll take a look & see if it's different.

    I have a Sprint Pre & i'm using dBSooner's patch with no issues.
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    Doesn't work with Bell in Canada either...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vij View Post
    Doesn't work with Bell in Canada either...

    anyone figured out anything with this?
    i would think it would be relatively simple to port over to phones on other carriers if it's able to be done in US
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    Give this a try. I used the Bell webOS Doctor for the files instead of my Sprint device, so maybe that will make a difference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Veritas06 View Post
    Give this a try. I used the Bell webOS Doctor for the files instead of my Sprint device, so maybe that will make a difference.
    I got an error when trying to install this one claiming it wasn't a regular patch so could not be installed.

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