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    It would be nice if when you enlarge a text message in the notification area AND swipe it away that it not show up as "unread" when you open up the messaging app.

    I hate when I swipe away a text that doesn’t require a reply and then later that day when i open the messaging app it shows that the text is "unread" I'll have to click on that contact then quickly back-out to have it marked as "read"

    Make sense? Think this would be a decent patch?

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    Oh man +10

    I'm so tired of swiping away someones "Yes.", and then having to go back later and open it. I'd also just like a "clear all alerts" function in WebOS... but eh, maybe 1.5.

    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    It's annoying but doesn't bother me deeply. However, if a patch was made I'm 99% sure I'd install it.
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    +1. Would use. Small annoyance, but I agree--good patch idea.
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    What about a little trash icon such as the email one?
    Is that similar/doable devs?
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    +1 great idea!
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    Quote Originally Posted by knickrox13 View Post
    What about a little trash icon such as the email one?
    Is that similar/doable devs?
    Great idea!
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    I agree. This would be an awesome patch. I've thought of this many times myself. Many messages are short enough to be able to read entirely in the notification area and also don't require a reply. Please, please, please advise on whether this is possible.
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    Actually I have been wondering if it was possible to have 2 types of notification swipes options for different actions:

    i) Swipe right to left to mark as read AND clear for notification area
    ii) Swipe left to right to clear it from the notification area for action later
    or vice versa


    i) Any swipe on the left side of the center button marks as read
    ii) Any swipe on the right side of the center button clears it from notification

    a 3rd option could be to delete it immediately. Not sure if I was clear enough.
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    That would be awesome and very handy.

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