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    Looking for "Emergency Patch Removal", all I can find is "Emergency Patch Recovery"..

    Same thing?
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    Same difference.
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    If you read the contents of "Emergency Patch Recovery" it states" installing this just runs a script to do patch removals and then removes itself".
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    One more question - when you install EPR from Preware, does it automatically run right then, or do you need to go into your launcher and start it?
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    Runs by itself, removes itself the (not sure if it's automatic) perform a Luna Restart & should be back to a stock webOS device ( minus patches that is ).
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    so in other words, don't install it from Preware until you're ready for it to run, right?

    won't delete any apps or data, will it?

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    Just patches only.
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    hope it gets rid of the one I can't seem to remove from Preware!
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    In every case where i have the same problem, EPR removes the problem patch. The only other suggestion i have to give if you use it ( & you use the Virtual Keyboard ) after running EPR & Luna Restart, install the "CLEANUP VKB Files" package before trying to reapply the VK Patch. Then you're all set!

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