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    Currently, when viewing a photo in the "Photos" app, when you tap the photo, the top bar lists what Gallery or Album (folder) it is in, along with the number that photo is in the album and the total number of files in that album).

    For the most part, don't you already know what Album you're in??


    When looking at a gallery of photos earlier on, I noticed something cool:

    When you hover the mouse over the photo, it displays the info kept in the photo file properties field "Subject." I found this out after right-clicking and downloading the photo.

    If you download the file attached (either from the web site OR from the file attached here), you should see, under PROPERTIES -> DETAILS, the fields I am talking about.

    Is there a way to PATCH the built-in PHOTOS app to display both the "TITLE" field and the "SUBJECT" field when you tap on the photo (as it does now with Album name, Trash icon, and Options (Assign to Contact, Set wallpaper, etc) icon? Then when you tap it again, it goes back to showing only the photo? (as it does now.)

    It seems to me that this would be a desirable thing to have. No?

    P.S. Actually, I can see how DATE TAKEN, RATING, TAGS, COMMENTS, AUTHORS, DIMENSIONS, and other information in the file could also be of use. But first things first
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