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    would like to see ability, which is enabled in older non smartphones, of dialing numbers by simply typing in the last 4 digits; my old Sanyo Katana 2 and my phone before that could do it.

    I dont want to look for contacts or open the keyboard to type in my brother's name (for example), if I know the last 4 digits of his phone.

    Yes, I know there is speed dial, but not all of us assign our friends or acquaintances to speed dial, and speed dial storage is limited.

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    So you don't want to use speed dial because not everyone uses it? Wha?

    Try this.....enter the first letter of the first name of your contact (universal search automatically starts looking). Then type the first letter of your contacts last name (type the second letter of their last name as well if needed). 100% of the time this will bring up their phone number and you only have typed 2 times instead of 4.
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    thanks riley.
    What i mean is. Sure I have my brother on speed dial, but most buddies I dont. For some strange memory reason, I know their last 4 digits though. I tried your suggestion, and sure it worked. I am simply trying to avoid opening the keyboard, that is all. Not a big deal.
    With 4 digit dialing, you open the phone, type 4 and dial, and you are all set.
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    It's a good idea....just trying to give you a work around in the meantime.

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