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    Hi there. Recently, I've started using gobanjoboy's awesome Quick System Tasks, and I've found that when I'm home I can easily switch on Wifi and turn off 3G (I have an European GSM Pre) with just two taps Battery monitor tells me this is good, as the drain per hour lowers to around 1.6% when idling, easily half of what the battery would be losing on 3G alone, with no wifi.
    Could it be possible to turn this into a patch? I mean, have the Pre fall back to 2G when a Wifi connection is established?
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    Not exactly what you're after but surely a lot easier than using the Quick System Tasks solution:
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    Thanks, I'd already tried that, but my Pre is in Spanish and it doesn't work. If I switch the language to English it does, I know, but then I see half-translated things like 15 de February de 2010 on the Device Menu, and, you know, it distracts from the experience. So instead of requesting Spanish translations for all the patches (2G on device menu, gps toggle on device menu, etc) I use quick system tasks, which is easier.
    But if could have just that in a patch, I'd be happy.
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    I don't get this...when u have wi-fi what does 2G or 3G matters for connection and battery? i always thought that when wi-fi is on and a connection is established u are on wi-fi so other data connections are off by matter 2G or 3G or whatever...
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    no 3g is still running it just isnt being used for data. I think this is a great idea so i dont have to turn data off and i can still get pictures when they are sent.
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    I was thinking of requesting this myself. I've noticed dramatically less battery usage with wifi on and phone data usage off.
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    i see ur point, but, if i may ask...what is ur better battery performance level? cause if i just use wi-fi i can go on for over than a day, even with phone on automatic check between 3g and 2g, that, on a general line, should be more consuming than setting a fixed 3g or 2g...

    apart from this, over wi-fi battery drains less probably because, to what i know, wi-fi goes off when phone goes on idle (black screen) unless u use a program like nodoze to keep connection on...

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