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    Quote Originally Posted by rlanza1054 View Post

    I also am asking Jason to include in Preset Reset an opinion to reset the volume settings each reboot that it does.

    This would definitely be helpful although I think having a total disengagement of ringer volume from rocker would be optimal.

    On this topic, do you all notice that volume setting for media without headset is different from volume setting with headset? That is, I can be listening to Pandora from speaker at volume three. When I plug in headset, volume setting is different. Pulling out the headset brings it back to original volume. I think I like this but sometimes makes for mild confusion.
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    try this patch, it works great, but it only works for media sound, like apps and music. hope this helps
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    I have a friend with a Sprint Pre and her volume rocker broke within days. If I remember correctly, the buttons fell off.
    It's a shame you're on your 5th Pre. Such a great phone, such poor build quality. I'm still on my 1st Verizon Pre Plus, but hey, I'm lucky.
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