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    Forgive me if this is obvious or staring me in the face....

    I use Preware for some patches.

    Is AUPT an application, a patch or something else?

    And how do I know whether I have it?

    Yes, when it was released, Preware showed that all of my patches needed to be updated. I did this.

    I think it happened again one or two times (not sure if it was just once more or twice).

    But in light of the upcoming 1.4 update, I just want to make sure that my device has AUPT done/ready/installed and I wasn't sure how to see or check this.

    Thank you.

    And of course, many thanks and much appreciation for those who put all of the hours into these patches and this AUPT.
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    Here is the official thread on AUPT

    And here is the official WebOS-Internals wiki on AUPT.

    Auto-Update Patch Technology - WebOS Internals

    All of your questions should be able to be answered from there.
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    There is a 'checker' of sorts to ensure you have AUPT version 3 installed for all your patches:

    Emergency File Verification (EFV)
    It's a post here on PreCentral. Basics are you run it and it tells you if something is not updated to the newest greatest AUPT3. Be sure to read the first post and if you have any non-standard responses to running it to look around in that post.

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