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    I'm not quite sure how to describe this one, but here goes. The browser currently switches to landscape mode by taking the 320 pixels of horizontal resolution and stretching it over 480 pixels worth of space. They maintain horizontal resolution by zooming in and stealing vertical space.

    I noticed this when using a Samsung Moment running Android. Rotating from portrait to landscape, Android takes whatever was being visibly displayed vertically over 480 pixels in portrait and maintains this same section of the page when switched to landscape -- the result is that you retain everything you could see vertically, but gain additional space horizontally.

    To me, that's a fundamentally superior method of displaying a web page when the device orientation changes. If this is making no sense to you, check out this page on widescreen gaming, as they explain the phenomenon very well (Horizontal Plus and Vertical Minus):

    FAQ - WSGFWiki

    To tie this in with the topic, WebOS browser scaling is vertical minus, whereas Android is horizontal plus. Is there any way to force WebOS browser to behave with horizontal plus scaling?

    Mass Effect: Vertical Minus (WebOS behavior, notice how you lose vertical FOV when it scales)
    Left 4 Dead: Horizontal Plus (Android's scaling method, notice how you gain horizontal FOV)

    Basically, nobody; game manufacturer, Palm, etc, should ever be using vertical minus.
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    +1 you would think in landscape you would be able to see more on screen.
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