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    I have the Ipod Touch, as well as the Pre, and one thing that I really wish the Pre had, that it does not, is in the email application, on the Iphone or Ipod Touch, you can hit edit, which will give little bullets on the left of the email. I can select as many as I'd like, and then when I'm ready, I can delete those selected. If this is already possible, I apologize, but all that I'm aware of is the read all, delete all, which isn't quite the same. Do I make any sense with my run-on sentences? Thanks in advance.
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    Anyone? This would be a very useful patch
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    Isn't swiping good enough? O you just need a way to archive/remove/hide multiple (selected) email messages?
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    Well, to me, swiping is easy, yes, but not good enough. If I have 40 emails, and don't want to delete all, or mark all read, this feature is very nice. The Ipod Touch and Iphone have both swipe to delete and edit to select numerous emails. I love my pre, but that one feature there, I feel is better on my touch.
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    Keep in mind, even if you have the patch that gives you delete with confirmation, you don't have to tap "delete" in between each swipe; you can just swipe the next one you want to delete, and it assumes the confirmation. If I have a lot of emails to delete, it takes no time at all to just swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, and then on the final swipe, tap the delete confirmation for the last one. I can't imagine how tapping to select a bunch of emails and then choosing a delete option is any faster than the speed with which I can swipe them away. Maybe this is a case of not missing what I've never had, but I'm perfectly happy with the way it is. Sorry!

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