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    One thing I miss the most about my Treo 755p is when I'd think of something that I need to take care of and I would quickly open up the task app to set a specific date and time for the phone to remind me to complete the task. Pocketmirror's task app can do this but you have to purchase the full desktop Pocketmirror app for $40 just to be able to use the task app even if you dont sync with your PC

    The existing task app for the Pre does have due dates but not specific times. If you set a reminder date it will just go off at 12am of the day you set the reminder. You cannot set an alarm in the Task app to go off at 3:30 that says "Call Todd"

    Can this be added to the existing Task app just like the Treo's? This would be extremely helpful.

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    Me too!
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    yes please! ...we are really lacking a quick reminder function.
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    I'm not above begging...
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    At least there are a few of us. I hope this can be done
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