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    Im used to my older mobiles having options like,
    Divert to voicemail if unanswered 5/10/15/20/25/30 seconds
    Divert to voicemail if busy
    Divert to voicemail if out of reach
    Divert all to voicemail

    These also had extra options to filter data/fax calls.

    I know these options can be enabled on a GSM (O2) Pre with codes like
    *61*[dest]*[sec]# with dest being voicemail number (901) and sec being number of seconds in 5 second increments but it would be nice to have these options included in a menu like Nokia/SE/Samsung etc.

    Can it be ? is it included in the WebOs code somewhere but just not enabled??

    Thanks, i really hope this can be done :-)
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