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    There is a similar request i made yesterday, maybe u should look at that too and add ur point there, to make it more visible.
    It's the thread

    Patch request: data off when idle

    this way data goes off when phone is idle, eventually waking up on request from some application that has some option set (like email checking every hour or 30 minutes...)
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    well, sorry for asking, but my request goes exactly the same line ur request does.
    i don't get why u say no thanks

    anyhow, why would u want ur connection to go on at scheduled times? the same thing, even in better way, would be that connection goes on if something is scheduled in applications requesting data connection, and not otherwise. And data may go on when u are using the phone, which is when one normally needs data.

    U can also explain me ur point in having scheduled data connection...maybe also telling me why u can't support a request that is totally in line with urs.
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    For idle i mean when screen is off, i guess that was simple enough to understand. what else do u mean for idle? wifi also goes off when screen is off unless u use, in example, nodoze, to keep connection always active.
    can u please explain me the use of having a connection going on every hour for some minutes when the scheduling thing can maybe be left to applications with scheduled internet checks, like for emails, that may call data whenever needed and leave it off whenever not in use?

    thanks for ur kind explanation, it's nice to share also considerations and motivations in a forum i think, not just saying "yes" or "no".
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    that's exactly my point man, don't u see it?
    what i asked is to have a patch that makes data go off when not needed, that is when screen is off and when no program needs the connection.
    this mean that data goes off when phone locks, unless u have some data exchange going on, or unless an app, say email, ask for connection for a scheduled email check, in example.

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