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    As more and more apps make use of dashboard notifications, I'm finding that the first thing I want to do after unlocking the screen is respond to those notifications. They display on the lock screen, but when I unlock, they minimize down. The first thing I have to do is tap to expand, and then I can tap the one I want to interact with. That first tap seems gratuitous.

    Would it be possible to create a patch whereby, when I unlock the screen, the dashboard is expanded by default?
    Palm Pilot IIIxe > LifeDrive > Pre
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    No one else interested in this?
    Palm Pilot IIIxe > LifeDrive > Pre
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    sounds like a good idea to me. it is kind of a pain because you see the notification and you unlock the phone to look at them and then they minimize down. Like you said the first tap is gratuitous.

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