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    I add this patch and the the add / del pages and then i would remove it but it didnt remove i have solf reset, webos repair , hard reset and webosdoctor and removed all patchs i have tried everything. when i remove 4*4 v3 i try and put a 4*4 v2 patch but the ipkg error comes up. now at that point can i figure out how to manllay remove it please help with that i have tried everything i can think of please help
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    ipkg -o /media/cryptofs/apps remove

    You can do this via commandline access or through WOSQI
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    it was weird i ran webos doctor i thought it didn't work cuz it still had big icons, but i realized that it was 3x4 with big icons so i installed preware and loaded 4x4v2 and it changed i was so happy lol thanks for the help
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    Last time this happen to me (with lower swap threshold) I was able to reinstall the patch with WOSQI and then remove it with the device management option under tools in WOSQI.
    hope this helps as an alternative to command line.

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