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    Hi, I would like to ask if it can be of some interest some patch to get data go off while phone is on idle, exactly as it does for wi-fi.
    This would save a lot the battery in case someone doesn't check mail automatically.....
    the only way is to switch it off and on manually (like with some data toggle or so), but it would be nice to have some automatic behaviour just in case...

    anybody can help or so?

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    so anybody may be developing some patch for this? other phones do like this...3g goes off when phone goes idle, most probably reactivating only when, i.e., automatic email check is planned. this saves lot of battery i'd say. i can go with my battery for more than a day when i just activate 3g on the need. way less than a day if 3g always on, even if not used.

    thx for the interest guys, hope someone will take this up and be able to patch this! i think would be a good add!

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