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    I just recently Doctored my phone because i was having some problems stemming from the updates to the patching system implemented by webOSinternals. Since doctoring i have had trouble adding anything patch related that was not updated to the new system AUPT(auto update patch technology), i.e. anything asking permission to run a script, which includes themes. In short i can't install themes on my phone or anything that asks to run a script now, has anyone else experienced this? I want my damn theme and my device menu flashlight back!

    in the case of the flashlight it is the systoolmgr service that doesnt work.
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    you should go into preware and list of everything and start typing emergency . Then install the reconstruct, migration, and service enabler. And that should work for you. But do the service enabler first if you just doctored your pre this should fix the flashlight service.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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