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    Whenever I put the youtube video in card view, it ceases to play. However, sometimes i like to listen to music with the youtube app, and i can't do that if i want to do something else at the same time. Would my request be possible? Thanks in advance.
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    I've asked for this a few months back. Here is a work around if a patch isn't made:

    unless you are trying to find music that hasn't been released in any way (like myown...I can't find my homemade songs that are on my social network profiles) find "music wave light" in preware. It's free, and I believe a paid verson is coming to the app catalog.

    the app lets you search for music that you can legally stream without needing to browse. These songs are probably on peoples public playlists from various sites. With the light version, you can stream any song, and download 100 songs. With the paid version that I don't think is released yet, you will have unlimited song downloads.

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