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    here is an idea I posted elsewhere cause I thought it was too complicated for a patch, but...what do you guys think?:

    "I don't know how often I actually use the quicklaunch wave, but I can just as easily goto card view to see the quicklaunch bar. I know I never use the launcher icon to go to the launcher, so I really don't need it there. It might be cool if the quicklaunch wave was different when you are in a app. What if the quicklaunch wave was the button icons for whatever app you are looking at. For example, in the browser, there is the reload, back and forward buttons. What if they wernt there unless you brought up the wave? And then in the wave, you could reload, or go to any of those buttons? It would provide more reading realestate on the browser and in each app that has buttons."

    and wile providing more visibility, it would also give you quick access to the command buttons. This would work atleast for buttons along the bottom of the screen, but maybe you could also squeeze in top buttons if any line the top of the screen. Instead of next to never, I would then use the wave in apps all the time. Anyone like the idea?
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    I don't think so but love the idea! I wish palm did this for all apps much better than the top left menu bar.
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    good idea!
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    Quote Originally Posted by patricksmangan View Post
    here is an idea I posted elsewhere cause I thought it was too complicated for a patch, but...what do you guys think?
    It's more than complicated...It's probably impossible.

    You would have to patch the OS, then you would have to patch EVERY app to use it...Each app places it's own controls.

    The idea has merit...I also like how the Timepiece app autohides it's controls, but you can raise them anytime you need them.

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    ok, so I don't kno programming, but it just looked like most of the bottom buttons in apps look, and are laid out the same way, so I thought the coding for placing them there, and the changes necessary to hide them, would be pretty much the same. So I was thinking a patch could just be made to affect the buttons on all apps on the phone.

    so that was what I was thinking, but I admit that I'm totally ignorant about all of the spacifics about that
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    I like your idea a lot. I initially loved the quick launch wave, but I find I hardly ever use it.
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    The idea is great! I had some thoughts and just wanted to put them down:

    1. Isnt it possible to get some default buttons in the wave, that are not directly connected to the programs but are like some key combinations that never change like makro buttons on logitech keyboards?

    As an alternative: Is it possible to write a small program like brightness unlinked which runs in background and just analyses the menue of the program which is actually in use so that it copys the functions to buttons in the wave? I mean like hyperlinks of the menue functions in shape of wave buttons?

    I dont know if thats possible and I cant code in webos but thats the logic I first thought of which maybe could work...^^
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    interesting but idk. That sounds like a new app(s) workaround

    actually, if it were a patch, I think it would be a mash up and extension between fritos hide browser buttons patch, and jasons hide quichlaunch bar patch? Jasons doesn't affect the wave, but it sounded like it could have if he went further into it?
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    i dont like the idea of an extra app runnning in background either...
    maybe palmīs going to change some things that didnt prove themselfes usefull (like the wave... pretty but not really usefull) and adds some usefull things like icq in messaging app... ^^ but i think they are busy deleting bugs and adding some necessary things...
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    I read about this in an other tread as well. I love the idea! I like the wave, but also only use it sporadically. In apps I think it could be very useful.

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