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    Given that the webos browser is webkit based, it would be nice to be able to add a couple plugins such as adblock to remove the ads. Thx.
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    well, sounds more like you're asking for a full on app, custom service and probably at least 1 system patch. A large feat for a free app that has 0 chance of getting to the App Catalog.

    As an alternative, I'd recommend just using the Adblocker tweak in WebOS Quick Install
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    Does the adblocker tweak in webos quick install just replace the /etc/hosts file? If so, which one do you use? I would prefer to update the hosts file myself. Thx.
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    +1 to jason's suggestion, it works very well. he should know too lol
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    Go with the one in WOSQI.

    It works so well; it will block ads in some apps besides the browser.

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