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    Also, I reset my Pre daily and have lots of Luna restarts from patch installs. Even in 1.4, the dial pad will then open in that scenario. With this patch, the call log will open no matter if your restart your Pre, etc.
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    Just to update...

    I believe I have a working version, so I just need to finishing testing it this morning.

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    An updated patch file has been posted in the OP and submitted for Preware approval.

    Frankly, this one works better now with the changes Palm made to the Phone app infrastructure.

    Please note: I noticed the drawers don't normally seem to close automatically when you swipe the card away, so you have the benefit with this patch that they will.

    Patch creation is something I do in my spare time for myself and the Precentral community.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xanthinealkaloid View Post
    Actually, the Phone app had this behavior somewhat under 1.3.5 also, but it was only exhibited after a none dialpad outgoing call which they seem to have fixed.

    This patch forces the call log scene after each outgoing call is ended, and it defaults to the call log not matter what scene you're on when you close the Phone app.

    Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification on what your patch does.
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    another humble request for resubmission to the 2.1 feeds. Thanks
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    Here is an updated version for 2.1.0. The only thing is that I could not get it to close open drawers after exit.
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    Submitted to the feed? I assume that yes, just asking anyway.
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    Yeah, I submitted this one and the favorites patch to the feeds yesterday, but neither have been approved. They've been a bit slow with approving and then with publishing the patches lately, I guess due to all the things going on with Preware/webOS2.0/Meta-doctor, so that's why I posted it here, too.
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