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    I have some patches that I was wondering if they were going to be or are developed that I just haven't seen yet, or if anyone knows if they are going to be coming out on 1.4.
    Are there more box options on the email--Sent and Drafts especially.

    Is there a Privacy option in the notifications--that says something like "you have a text or email" but not the 1st line or just the name.

    In the Call History, is there a way to just copy a number to put it into an already established contact instead of adding a contact.

    Is there a way to organize Memos alphabetically too?

    And I have the More Reminder Alarm time patch but are there more options for MORE than 1 day in advance.

    I've looked for these things and haven't seen them as options and am wishing for them. Maybe I'm just used to my Treo too... Thank you for any help with this!
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    I would love to see a patch for the alarm for more than one day in advance as well.

    As far as the Call History goes webOS already does that patch free. When you select the add contact next to the number in call history it shoots it over to Contacts. In Contacts there is a little "Add to contacts" button. When you press that it asks if you want to create contact or add to existing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonsofCP View Post
    I would love to see a patch for the alarm for more than one day in advance as well.

    Timepiece - $1.99 in the app catalog. worth it. it has a lot of new features, given the phone should do that by default. the app is worth it.
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    Theres a box for add to existing contact.
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    Thanks! This is great. Found the Add to Contact info. The alarm function I'd like though is for in the Calendar mode not a regular alarm. Does Timepiece do that? Where you have an event and want to alarm for it farther than 1 day ahead.

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